Australia’s revolutionary range of self-tilting trolleys!

LoadBreaker is the only 100% Australian-made range of tilting hand trucks, ready to work hard so you don’t have to!

Offsider | 300kg Fridge & Appliance Tilt Trolley - Made in Brisbane Australia
High Roller | Cylinder Tilt Trolley - Made in Brisbane Australia
Boxer | 300kg LoadBreaker Heavy Duty Warehouse Tilt Trolley - Made in Brisbane Australia


300kg Capacity
Ideal for Bulk Drink Carton Deliveries


300kg Capacity
Ideal for Appliances, Whitegoods, Removalists

Big Boss

800kg Capacity
Ideal for Vending Machines & BIG Stuff!

High Roller

300kg Capacity
Ideal for Cylindrical / Round items


300kg Capacity
Ideal for Boxes, Cartons, Cases, Bins etc


Safety Straps, Puncture Proof Tyres, Drum Hooks…

Don't break your back, give your back a break!

LoadBreaker trolleys move from upright to ‘ready to wheel’ with up to 60% less exertion from you
(vs a traditional hand trolley)

Our top quality wheels, Aussie tough construction, and very competitive pricing vs Thai & Chinese-built tilt trolleys makes your decision easy!

Revolutionise the way you work today!